Dragon City

Dragon City is a virtual Chinese culture-themed city built on blockchain. As a large-scale cultural community on Decentraland, Dragon City is dedicated to showcasing the world's traditional culture and exploring more possibilities for the future development of human society.


FantasticLand is a metaversal theme park developed by Metaverse Labs (幻境实验室, founded in 2018) in Dragon City, Decentraland, bringing the most immersive experience of Metaverse to people. We explore a space combining music, art, code, and math (MACM), new aesthetics to develop a sustainable future for human beings. We believe everything in the universe is connected and that nothing makes sense by itself (Yin and Yang). Everyone in this world should be connected, living in harmony with nature. There is no West and East. Building a borderless, plural society is our dream. (人类共荣) We believe combining disruptive technology like Blockchain; we can build a better society and bring radical change to our fixed system.

FantasticLand Venue

FantasticLand will hold the biggest Chinese New Year Music Festival to celebrate the Lunar New Year in the Metaverse for people, especially from Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. It is a four-day music festival in Dragon City, Decentraland. The festival is open to anyone worldwide; Love, peace, and freedom are our common languages in this virtual world.


Lunar New Year Music Festival

Lunar New Year Music Festival是龙城FantasticLand


Show our love and encouragement
to the people who struggle in the COVID-19 lockdown.


Yigu 肖伊谷

Yigu 肖伊谷

先後畢業於廣州大學、University of South Carolina、中山大學。
2021年4月於廣州舉辦個人原創音樂Live Show《冒險家》。
2021年主演院線電影《我們若只如初見》,飾演女主角“周晴”並作詞、演唱該電影主題曲《Take My Hand》。


艺人和练习生 Vocal教练




Hanfu Museum

Hanfu Museum(汉服博物馆) is a building designed by Metaverse Labs, located in FantasticLand, Dragon City.
元宇宙首个汉服时装博物馆由英国南安普顿大学孔子学院(University of Southampton Confucius Institute)赞助,共有6位世界级华人设计师参与汉服设计。

Gemma A. Williams

Author: Fashion China, published by @thamesandhudson
Fashion Curator & @uustudios_
Editorial Director @jingdaily
Opera Director

Gemma A. Williams is a writer and curator with a particular interest in the China market and Chinese designers. She is the editorial director at luxury China publication Jing Daily where she launched the metaverse vertical Jing Meta. Currently she is bringing traditional Chinese dress to Web3 with a showcase on Dragon City. Gemma completed an MA Fashion Curation at London College of Fashion and a BA in Communications (Film & Broadcasting) from Trinity College Dublin. Her 2015 book Fashion China (Thames Hudson) launched at Shanghai Fashion Week, following which she worked as the global markets editorial associate at Business of Fashion and devised content for the BoF China Summit and Voices 2017. She is the China curator for A Shaded View of Fashion Film Festival and makes fashion operas with her production company UU Studios. Its next opera will debut in the metaverse. (Provided By Gemma)Gemma A. Williams是一位才华横溢的作家和出色的策展人,对中国市场和中国设计师有着难以置信的独特了解和独到见解。Gemma是中国奢侈出版物Jing Daily的编辑总监,并且发布元宇宙垂直内容板块Jing Meta。目前,Gemma正在致力于将中国传统服装带到Web3世界,并在龙城元宇宙(DragonCity Metaverse)建立示范展馆。Gemma取得伦敦时尚学院(London College of Fashion)的时尚策划艺术硕士学位和都柏林大学圣三一学院(Trinity College Dublin)的传播学(电影和广播)学士学位。2015 年,在上海时装周上发布了她的成名之作《时尚中国》(Thames Hudson),随后在时装商业评BoF(Business of Fashion)担任全球市场编辑助理,并为 BoF中国峰会和 2017 之声提供内容。她是 ASVOFF国际时尚电影节(A Shaded View of Fashion Film Festival) 的中国策展人, 并与她的制作公司 UU Studios制作时尚歌剧,正在策划中的下一部歌剧,将在龙城元宇宙中首次亮相。

Thanks to our world-class Designers

Stephy Fung

Stephy Fung is a 3D digital fashion artist based in London. Her work frames vibrant colors and balanced composition, paying homage to her Chinese heritage and also educating her audiences on the culture. Her designs have been a way to explore and express her British Chinese identity, and she hopes to fuse modern techniques/cuts with traditional Chinese elements.
She has worked in the 3D field for four years and has been experimenting with digital fashion for two years. She has worked with clients such as Dell, Vogue Singapore, Highsnobiety, Glenfiddich, Jo Malone, Xbox, and Paco Rabanne and has been featured in VICE, Nylon Magazine, and Hype Beast.
Stephy Fung是一位居住在伦敦的 3D 数字时尚艺术家。她的作品以色彩鲜艳和平衡构图为特色,用作品对她的受众传递了致敬中国传统在文化上的理解。她的设计已经成为一种探索和表达她的英国华人身份的一种方式,籍此将现代技术/剪裁与中国传统元素融合在一起。
Stephy Fung在3D领域拥有4 年工作经验,并探索了2 年的数字时尚。过往合作的公司与机构包括Dell、Vogue Singapore、Highsnobiety、Glenfiddich、Jo Malone、Xbox 和 Paco Rabanne 等客户;并登上 VICE、Nylon Magazine和 Hype Beast等杂志。

Susan Fang

SUSAN FANG launched her eponymous label in 2017 following her graduation from Central Saint Martins. With a focus on perception and mathematics, each collection combines innovative textiles, colors, and silhouettes to create garments and accessories with artistic originality.
SUSAN FANG is inspired by concepts relating to the perception of beauty and the instinctive allure of nature and the ever-present fractals.
The brand focuses on innovation in textiles and developing methods of sustainable practices within design and production, focusing on craftsmanship and artisanal making.
Susan has been consistently recognised by industry professionals and was selected for Forbes 30 Under 30 2019 and 2020. She was also shortlisted for the LVMH Prize. SUSAN FANG is stocked internationally at prestigious stockists Browns, Farfetch, Net a Porter, and Lane Crawford.
Susan Fang 来自中国,2015年毕业于伦敦中央圣马丁设计学 院,随后在Kei Kagami、Celine和Stella McCartney品牌积累 了一定经验后,于2017年开创了 自己的品牌。 以对世界的感知和数学几何为重点,结合创新的纺织工艺,色彩和轮廓创造出独具创意的服装和配饰。
SUSAN FANG品牌的灵感来自于美感和在自然中随处可见 的分形结构。该品牌专注于工艺,手工制作以及纺织品创新,并在设计和生产中开发可持续实践的方法,Susan一直受到行业专业人士的认可,并在2019年和2020年入选2009福布斯 30 Under 30 ,同年还入围 了LVMH大奖。 SUSAN FANG 还入驻国际知名买手店 Browns、Farfetch、Net a Porter 和 Lane Craw- ford等。

Shan Hua

Shan Hua graduated from Royal College of Art, Fashion.
Shan's work comes from observation of nature- Wind, Light. Shan is actively tapped into the world around her. Her work is around surrounding our existence, the symbiotic relationship between natural forms and humans, and thinking about our role.
She thinks Nature is therapeutic. Observing the wind blowing the leaves. Shan transforms the elements of nature into individual characters. They are sometimes gentle, sometimes cruel, dancing, soothing human anxieties and frailties. They attract her like Fate, everything becomes irrelevant under the irresistible force.
Shan combines a digital identity with fashion thinking. Fashion is prominent in the portrayal of her characters, incorporating simulation, headwear, clothing, make-up, and physical movements.
华山2022年毕业于英国皇家艺术学院,现在工作生活于伦敦。她的作品常常围绕着自然形态和人类情感之间的共生关系,以及对我们角色的思考。她擅长从个体经历出发收集记忆中不同时空的事物形态,并通过数字身份与多重时空讨论的叙事方法,重塑事物原有的形态制造一种混沌的时空使这些毫不相关的事物产生自然的碰撞与发展。她的作品《They》获得了London international Web & Short Film Festival 最佳动画奖和Madonie Palermo Film Festival 最佳时尚影片。

Yvan Deng

Deng’s talent has been recognized by many top fashion brands and publications. His work has pushed boundaries, integrating expressionism into the contemporary high fashion scene. Largely influenced by Oriental women’s and high fashion photography, Yvan’s ceramics and paintings are distinctly recognizable by depicting faces with slanted eyes, big earrings, and finely arched eyebrows. He describes his process of creation as free, self-centered, and emotional. Skillful with mixed media, especially oriental ink, he draws his inspiration from traditional Chinese ink painting.Yvan Deng的才华得到了许多顶级时尚品牌及刊物的认可。他的作品敢于突破界限,将表现主义融入了当代的高级时尚领域。受到东方女性和高级时尚摄影的影响,Yvan的绘画和陶瓷作品通过描绘丹凤眼、大耳环和精致的柳叶眉的人物形象而清晰可辨。优雅的人物既富戏剧感,又捕捉鲜明的时尚态度。这正如Yvan描述其创作过程是自由的、自我的、有感情的。他亦从传统绘画所用的媒介取材,与中国水墨结合,不拘一格。

ZongBo Jiang

Jiang is a visual artist based in London. With a background in Graphic and Digital Fashion design, his design philosophy has always been true to sculpting a narrative. He observes the collisions between aspects of daily life, focusing on social and environmental issues. His work centers around creating digital characters, which often take strange and comedic forms. These characters are placed in virtually crafted spaces to solidify the narrative he creates to share the concepts he is portraying.蒋宗伯,来自成都,现居住在伦敦的3D视觉艺术家。毕业于英国皇家艺术学院硕士数字时尚专业。他喜欢观察日常生活,多元化文化碰撞与探讨不同地球上的问题,擅长用趣味奇特的 3D 角色,场景等来表现他的创作故事,同时且享受从无到有的设计过程。

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